Veho MUVI X-Pack - Kamerarigg

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Veho MUVI X-Pack - Kamerarigg
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  • Rigid but light ergonomic shock-absorbent base plate
  • Large pockets for storage and specially designed holding mechanism for the base plate
  • Three-way camera mount with distance adjustment, adaptable to any angle for optimal POV shots
  • Ideal mount for biking, snow sports, water sports, skating and many more
Capture every moment from an advanced perspective thanks to the Muvi X-Pack from Veho. The Muvi X-Pack is a backpack for wearing as a hands-free camera rig. It is fully adjustable, containing a rigid but light ergonomic shock-absorbent base plate, which means it can withstand the most extreme manoevres. The Muvi X-Pack has built-in large pockets for storing all the parts and accessories when they are not in use, and also to store personal belongings such as phone, keys and your camera.


Typ av produktKamerarigg
Bredd17 cm
Djup8 cm
Höjd38 cm
Vikt1.6 kg
Max arbetshöjd128 cm
Min arbetshöjd0 cm
Max vikt som stöds500 g
Enheter som stödsActionkamera
Inkluderade tillbehörMonteringsadapter, GoPro-montering
Paketets innehåll
Paketets innehåll(1) x basplatta
(3) x förlängningspol
(3) x pole clamp


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